Buddies' First Lunch Together

Friday 11th September
Reception and Elements Buddies enjoy their first lunch together on the lawn in the sunshine.

autumn september 082.JPG

PP1J Football vs Squirrels

21st September

Joint Mass with the Ursuline Prep

Tuesday 22nd September

Lego Rugby!

Tuesday 22nd September
A tribute to the Rugby World Cup, by the Prep & Elements boys in Lego Club.

PP1 visit Legoland

Thursday 24 September
PP1 enjoyed their outing to Legoland this week. Highlights included visiting Miniland, driving the electric Lego cars and the Atlantis Submarine Ride. A trip around the park on the Legoland Express was also a favourite for some!

LP2 House Football

Thursday 24th September

Reception F vs Squirrels

Thursday 1st October


Reception M vs Squirrels

Thursday 1st October

PP1 ICT Lessons

Thursday 1st October
PP1 have had fun ICT lessons naming and labelling the main parts of the computer - all part of the topic for this half term, 'Little Computers'.


PP2 using Balance Scales

Friday 2nd October
Using balance scales, this week the boys in PP2 experimented with objects in the classroom to compare their weight. They compared objects which were lighter and heavier. They discussed reasons why some objects shape and size may influence the weight. We brainstormed units of measurement for mass (grams and kilograms) and discussed different types of scales and how to read them.


LP1 visit Butser Ancient Farm

Friday 2nd October
LP1 visited Butser Ancient Farm and were able to compare a reconstructed Celtic roundhouse with a Roman villa, as well as try their hands at archaeology and pottery. They also crushed chalk and used it to make a building material called clunch, which was used to construct a wall. After a tour of the villa, the boys were able to work in pairs to design some mosaics.

Walk Around the Common 085.JPG

PP1 on Wimbledon Common

Friday 2nd October
What a fantastic day we chose for our 'Walk Around Wimbledon Common'! We enjoyed a lovely afternoon's stroll in the golden sunshine towards the Common and stopped to pick conkers, talk about the War Memorial and have a look at the birds in Cannizaro Park. The ice-cream van appeared at the perfect time and we were all able to squeeze in an ice-lolly before making our way back to Donhead.
This was a working trip to the Common - next week we will be plotting our route on a map of the local area, as part of our Geography topic.


Prep at the Natural History Museum

Monday 5th October
Prep enjoyed their visit to the Natural History Museum which enhanced their Geography curriculum. They took part in an an interactive show called ‘Rock the House’ - learning about the powerful interactions that cause volcanoes and earthquakes. They discovered how tectonic plate interactions shape landscapes, generate earthquakes and form volcanoes. The boys then spent time exploring the ‘Red Zone’, looking at how the earth was formed.


Lower Prep Concert for Soloists

Tuesday 6th October
Congratulations to all the performers at the first concert of the school year. There were over twenty solo items at the Lower Prep Concert, with some sparkling performances. The boys played with great enthusiasm and aplomb!


Wimbledon Bookfest 2015

Wednesday 7th October
The boys in Prep Year enjoyed their outing to the Bookfest Big Tent on Wimbledon Common, and an interesting talk by Steve Backshall (of 'Deadly 60' fame.)


LP2 at the Natural History Museum

Wednesday 7th October

PP1 Junk Model Computers

Monday 12th October
PP1 have had fun making junk model computers. In ICT, they have been learning to name the monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse and how a computer works.


PP2 Prayer Service

Tuesday 13th October


Making Guacamole!

Wednesday 14th October
PP2S made some Mexican Guacamole! We brainstormed some adjectives to describe the Mexican Guacamole and tasted it with corn chips and tortillas. We brainstormed reasons why the Mexican people may eat those certain kinds of food (weather, crops and growth etc.). The boys worked nicely to stir and mash the avocado.

Baptism Role Play

Friday 16th October
As part of our RE topic ‘Belonging’, PP1 have been learning about Baptism. They brought in photos of their Baptisms to share and enjoyed a class role play where they ‘Baptised’ a baby doll and made promises to God as parents, godparents and a congregation.

PP2 House Football

Monday 19th October

Prep School Michaelmas Term Ensemble Concert

Monday 19th October
Congratulations to all of the participants in the Prep School Ensemble Concert. The Senior Choir, with its record number of members, the Brass Band and the Orchestra delighted the audience with some well-known items and the Elements and Prep soloists gave some dazzling performances.


Greetings from St Peter's Mbare

Tuesday 20th October
Funds from Donhead provided the furniture for St Peter’s Mbare infant and junior classes and also furniture for the computer room.

The children are saying 'Thank you' and showing their hard work.

Harvest Food Collection for Wimbledon Guild

Tuesday 20th October
A big thank you to everyone who kindly donated food items to the Wimbledon Guild for their Harvest Food Collection. Families were very generous and the food will go a long way to help the local people here in Merton. Wimbledon Guild were delighted with your contributions. Thank you.


LP2 visit Hampton Court Palace

Tuesday 20th October


PP2S Mexican Masks

Wednesday 21st October
This half-term, PP2S have been researching Mexico and the different types of masks the cultures may have worn. We also researched a Mexican family who made masks as their families form of income. The boys designed their masks based on inspiration from Mexican designs. They also sampled different techniques they may use on their mask after it had been painted. Their results were amazing and were showed off during a little class presentation. All the masks were unique and creative! Well done boys!


Hobgoblin Theatre Visit

Tuesday 3rd November
The Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited LP1 to perform a play called 'The Wall'. From this, we learned lots of facts about the life of the Roman soldiers who were stationed on Hadrian’s Wall nearly two thousand years ago. Following on from this, there was a Drama workshop, in which the boys were able to portray scenes based on the information learned during the play. Our thanks go to the Hobgoblins, once again, for an entertaining and informative morning.


Fireworks Night

Thursday 5th November


PP2 House Cross Country

Monday 9th November


Pre-Prep Play In

Wednesday 11th November
Many congratulations to all the performers who played at Wednesday’s Pre-Prep solo instrumental 'Play-In'. It was the very first time most of the boys had performed to an audience and they played extremely well.


PP2 Dinosaur Workshop

Wednesday 18th November
The PP2 boys had the chance to be Palaeontologists for a morning. With their brushes in hand, the boys had the opportunity to investigate and discover fossils from the various dinosaur periods. Whilst searching, they could then research further information about the fossils and ask the helpful leader Chris for further information. PP2 had a great time exploring and worked nicely in their teams.


Memorial Carol Service for Dermot Gogarty

Saturday 21st November
On Saturday evening, the senior members of the Donhead Choir joined forces with the choir of St John’s Beaumont for the Dermot Gogarty Memorial Service at Farm Street Church. The boys not only thoroughly enjoyed singing in such a beautiful church but also enjoyed listening to the other performers, especially the African band.

The Jungle Book

Tuesday 24th November
On Tuesday the Image Musical Theatre Company visited Donhead to perform 'Jungle Book’ for the whole school. The show was preceded by a rehearsal workshop for everyone, during which some boys were chosen to take part in the show, whilst the remainder rehearsed in four chorus groups.

Bauble Workshop

Thursday 26th November
All the boys enjoyed participating in a 'Christmas Bauble' workshop. Everyone designed and painted a ceramic bauble to take home for the Christmas tree.

PP2S Electrical Circuit Experiments

Tuesday 1st December
The boys in PP2S experimented making a simple circuit with crocodile clips, a battery and light bulb. They had to connect the materials together to make a complete circuit. The aim of the task was to light up the bulb. They now understand that for a circuit to work it needs to be complete!

PP1 Shadow Play

Tuesday 1st December
PP1B experimented with shadow puppets in the classroom, while PP1F took advantage of an unusually warm, December afternoon the following week to explore their shadows as part of their Science topic ’Light and Dark’.


Reception Nativity Play

Tuesday 1st December
The Reception boys gave a wonderful performance of 'Angel Express' on Tuesday morning. Thank you to the boys and their teachers for all the hard work and preparation that goes into putting on a successful play.

Pre-Prep Nativity Play

Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd December
Well done to the Pre-Prep boys and their teachers for two fantastic performances of 'Hey Ewe' on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The success of the performances were testament to the hard work and preparation put in by all involved.


Buddy Christmas Lunch

Friday 4th December


PP2 Trip to IMAX

Tuesday 8th December
PP2 enjoyed a lovely trip to IMAX at Waterloo to watch 'Fly Me to the Moon' in 3D. The boys had a wonderful time in their groups and enjoyed learning about the Apollo 11 journey to the moon, those many years ago. They especially enjoyed the complementary 3D glasses they got to take home. All in all, a lovely day out!


Festival of Carols

Thursday 10th December
At this year’s ‘Festival of Carols and Christmas Readings’, the Donhead Choir sang beautifully and with such enthusiasm. The boys gave us a varied programme, including the premiere of a carol by Wendy Blanks. The readers spoke clearly and with authority, and the lantern bearers certainly brought a special atmosphere to the occasion.


LP2 House Cross Country

Thursday 10th December


Elements visit to the V&A

Tuesday 12th January

Elements visit the Imperial War Museum

Thursday 21st January
The Second World War was brought to life recently when Elements boys visited the Imperial War Museum. Amongst many activities, we explored the lives and experiences of the Allpress family in their typical 1940s home, took part in a hands-on session that examined the impact of the Second World War on the everyday lives of British children in both the city and countryside, and discovered the undercover world of espionage. The boys not only learned a lot, but also impressed some overseas visitors with their knowledge.

LP1 & LP2 Instrumental Concert

Tuesday 26th January
Congratulations to all of the performers at this term's Lower Prep Solo Instrumental Concert which had a very varied programme. The standard of playing was most impressive throughout and the boys' progress since last term's concert was clear for all to hear. We very much look forward to the next concert!

'Handa's Surprise' Fruit Tasting

Thursday 28th January
PP1F read 'Handa's Surprise' and tasted some of the tropical fruit in the story and thought of adjectives to describe them. A class favourite was definitely the sweet, ripe mango!

PP2 Isle of Struay Workshop

Friday 29th January
Today the boys were lucky enough to go on a journey from London to Scotland by plane in a Drama Workshop. They then found their way to the Isle of Struay where they compared island life with that of London. They boys played the characters from Katie Morag’s books and joined in a Scottish dance (a Ceilidh). The boys enjoyed their journey to Struay and flew back in time for lunch!

Elements' Anderson Shelter

Monday 1st February
On History day Elements B went back to the 1940s. Nearly all boys came to school as evacuees or heroes of WWII, and our Prime Minister, Mr Winston Churchill, was kind enough to grace us with his presence. We spent the day building an Anderson bomb shelter from scratch, making sandbags, and dressing the set with artifacts from the past. We then took turns to cram into the shelter and play games to pass the time during the air raids. A memorable day was had by all.


Donhead History Day

Monday 1st February
The boys enjoyed a fun-filled day stepping back in time. Each year group explored a different period of history and created some wonderful projects around these topics. The boys also enjoyed a comedy performance from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company about the history of Britain, teaching the boys about their rich heritage. The day was rounded up with a prize for the best-dressed in each class! Thank you to all staff who got involved and to the boys for their enthusiasm and fantastic costumes!

Prep's Terracotta Army

Monday 1st February

Elements 'Arrive Alive' Workshop

Thursday 4th February


PP2 visit the Science Museum

Tuesday 9th February
The boys in PP2 have been learning about seaside locations and islands in Topic this term. They enjoyed watching 'Under the Sea 3D, an educational film about life under the sea, and then exploring the various science exhibits in small groups.

Pre-Prep Lent Term Concert

Wednesday 10th February
This week’s Pre-Prep Concert was a great success with many of the boys performing for the first time. The Pre-Prep Choir members sang some very enjoyable items, with their favourite being the amusing 'Penguin Song'. The solo instrumentalists had all worked very hard and their performances were enthusiastically received.

LP2 House Rugby

Thursday 11th February


Classroom Medic Workshop

Thursday 11th February
The Elements and Prep years had a wonderful opportunity today to experiment with real life medical equipment in sessions run by Classroom Medic.


Homemade Musical Instruments by PP1

Wednesday 24th February
PP1 learned about Sound in Science and the boys had lots of fun making and playing their instruments. They learned how musical instruments make sound.

PP1 Outing to the London Transport Museum

Thursday 25th February
The boys in PP1 enjoyed their visit to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. During their visit they participated in a 'Platform Promenade' workshop, led by experts at the Museum. They had fun learning how vehicles have changed over the years and how people travelled in the past. The visit provided an excellent insight into travel and transport - the topic that PP1 will be studying next half term in their History lessons.

LP2 visit Chichester Cathedral

Friday 26th February
LP2 boys visited Chichester Cathedral for their Day of Reflection. The boys followed a 'Life of St Richard' drama workshop and were given a guided tour of the Cathedral, with time for prayer and reflection. They also had the opportunity to make some brass rubbings and Pilgrims’ Badges.

Prep visit Canterbury Cathedral

Monday 29th February
Prep Year visited Canterbury Cathedral for their Day of Reflection. Part of their day included a 'Spirituality and Reflection’ workshop in St Gabriel's and St Anselm's Chapels. They were also given a tour of the Cathedral, following a Monks Costume Trail.

Rec F Football vs Squirrels

Thursday 3rd March

World Book Day

Friday 4th March

Ignite Conference

Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th March
Four boys from Elements flew to Glasgow to attend the Ignite Conference. The Conference exists to allow members of the Elements Year in the various Jesuit preparatory and primary schools, to meet together to discuss their schools and to discuss their common Jesuit identity. The boys were fantastic ambassadors for Donhead and they really enjoyed meeting new friends.

Prep School Ensemble Concert

Monday 7th March
Congratulations to all of the performers at this term’s Prep School Ensembles Concert on Monday. In addition to the ensembles, there were over twenty soloists from the Elements and the Prep Years performing a varied programme, including Handel and Chopin along with some jazz items. The Brass Band members clearly enjoyed performing the especially arranged piece from ‘Star Wars’ and the Senior Choir’s songs were very well received by the appreciative audience.

LP2 visit the Weald & Downland Museum

Wednesday 9th March
LP2 had an excellent day at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. The boys immersed themselves in Tudor life: they enjoyed playing some of the games depicted in Pieter Bruegel’s painting Children’s Games. They also found it fascinating learning how life was on farms as well as the medicinal properties of herbs and spices during the Apothecary workshop. Each boy made a fragrant pomander ball. A wonderful outing.


U11A Rugby Team at Stonyhurst

Wednesday 9th March

'Aladdin' performed by LP1

Thursday 10th March
Congratulations to Lower Prep 1 for their production of 'Aladdin'. Thank you to the parents for all your efforts in the organisation of the costumes and thanks to Miss Easter, Mrs McGrath and the teaching assistants for their efforts with this every enjoyable production. The boys did very well.

LP1 Winchester Cath 31.jpg

LP1 visit Winchester Cathedral

Friday 11th March

Our Chicks Hatch

March 2016
Donhead has had an "eggcellent eggsperience" with our new arrivals. Geoff, Frog, Bob, Sir Bobblysock amongst others attracted quite a crowd with all the boys visiting the chicks and having them visit the individual classrooms later. There are 5 girls (brown fluff) and 3 boys (lemon fluff) - one of our eggs has not hatched but, as one of the boys has said, "the chick is gone but not forgotten".

Reception visit the Discovery Centre

Wednesday 16th March

Buddies' Lunch Together

Friday 18th March

PP2 Cave Art

Wednesday 23rd March
PP2 have enjoyed learning about the Stone Age this Lent Term. They learned about the Old, Middle and New Stone Ages and the different dwellings people lived in during this time. They had fun in Art making their own Stone Age Caves decorated with cave paintings.

Inter-House Music Competition

Wednesday 23rd March
Congratulations to all the Loyola boys who won this year's Prep School Inter-House Music Competition at the end of last term; their renditions of three songs from 'The Jungle Book' were certainly lively and most entertaining! A special thanks goes to the seven soloists and Donhead Choir members who gave some sparkling performances while the adjudicators made their decision.

Buddy Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday 24th March

LP2 Trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery

Wednesday 20th April
LP2 had a wonderful trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery. They were fortunate to have an excellent workshop creating self portraits which involved sketching, painting and printing. Lunch was enjoyed in the sunshine in the beautiful, spacious gardens. The boys were fascinated by the different types of paintings in the gallery, and looked at examples of: genre, landscape, seascape, still life, narrative and portraits.

PP2 make ANZAC Biscuits

Monday 25th April
PP2 enjoyed making some Anzac Biscuits in memory of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died during battle at Anzac Cove in 1915. They also had some time to think about all other soldiers who have fought in wars over the years.

LP1 Trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery

Thursday 28th April

PP2 at Brooklands

Tuesday 3rd May
PP2 enjoyed a lovely trip day out to Brooklands Transport Museum. They had the chance to look at how aeroplanes, motorbikes, cars and buses have changed throughout time. They enjoyed listening to the volunteers at the museum and learning interesting facts about the different forms of transport. The children also enjoyed a 4D theatre experience where they watched and felt what it would feel like to be a jet pilot.


Prep Trip to Brighton

Thursday 5th May

PP2 Egyptian Workshop

Tuesday 10th May
Today PP2 had an Egyptian Workshop where we designed and painted our own cartouches. The boys wrote their names in hieroglyphics and painted theirs with great care.

LP1 visit Bushy Park

Friday 13th May

NSPCC - Chess Semi-Finals

Saturday 14th May

'Henry the Tudor Dude'

Thursday 12th May
the LP2 boys put on a fantastic performance of ‘Henry the Tudor Dude’. The boys wowed a full house crowd with their fantastic dancing and singing.  Everyone sang their hearts out and enjoyed the variety of dress up options with gusto – from King Henry to Henry’s wives and wanna-be girlfriends.

Elements French Trip (Day 1)

Thursday 13th May
We left Donhead at 11am and after a ride under the sea in the Eurotunnel we arrived in France. We left our luggage and we went to play at a nearby park. Some of the boys practised their French and played together with some local French boys. After dinner, our destination was the beach and, even though it was windy, we head a great time.

Elements French Trip (Day 2) 

Saturday 14th May
We left the hotel and Le Touquet and we visited Boulogne-sur-Mer. Nausicaa, one of the largest aquariums in Europe, was the first place we visited. The boys had the chance to see sharks, Sea Lions, penguins and seals and amazing sea life species and also learn about global warming and the importance of the oceans in our lives. After lunch, we had the chance to make and taste some traditional sweets. Today was a special day as we celebrated Alexander's birthday at the hotel.

Elements French Trip (Day 3)

Sunday 15th May
A very busy day for the boys. We spend the morning at the local shops and at 11am Donhead was welcomed at the local parish of Saint Jean d'Arc to celebrate mass. Mme Negkaki had the honour to be one of the readers at the mass. All boys were congratulated by the locals for their excellent behaviour. After mass, all the boys volunteered to run a 10k Marathon at the parc to support 'Run for Kibera' an initiative of volunteers Foundation. At 2pm we visited a snail farm in Choquel. The boys learned a lot about this French delicacy and most of them tasted some traditional French snail recipes. Our final destination was La Cupole, a World War 2 bunker that has been converted into a science/WW2 museum. Today was another special day as we celebrated Gatien's Birthday during dinner.

Elements French Trip (Day 4) 

Monday 16th May
Before visiting Aqualud and swimming for 3 hours, the boys visited the famous market of Le Touquet and bought a lot of presents for themselves and their families. After swimming and going down the slides of Aqualud, it was time to visit a bakery. The boys met the famous French boulanger and made croissants and bread. And after the visit, the boulanger offered us a treat: pains au chocolat and croissants for all the boys. In the evening after dinner, the teachers had the chance to watch the show 'Elements got talent 2016 edition'. The boys presented amazing, funny and very clever sketches.

PP2 Road Safety Workshop

Tuesday 17th May
PP2 enjoyed a drama workshop called 'Around the Corner'. It was an interactive play which discussed the dangers and strategies when crossing the road. The boys enjoyed being a part of the production and learning a few things.

Lower Prep Concert

Tuesday 17th May
Congratulations to all of the instrumental and vocal soloists who took part in the Lower Prep Concert and worked very diligently towards the event. The audience was treated to many charming and accomplished performances from the fifteenth century through to 'blues' and film music. We’re already looking forward to next term’s Lower Prep Concert!

PP1 visit Bird World

Thursday 19th May

PP2S Ancient Egypt Projects

Friday 20th May

Kingswood Trip (Day 1) 

Friday 20th May
After an excitable journey to Portsmouth the Prep Year boys enjoyed a wind-swept journey across the Solent. Once on the Isle of Wight we drove a short distance across the island to Kingswood. After a tour of the site, the boys were split into their groups and enjoyed the Assault Course, Fencing and Night Walk (a blindfolded obstacle course).

Kingswood Trip (Day 2)

Saturday 21st May
Activities for the boys this morning and then the afternoon on the beach, jumping through waves and body boarding! As the boys went to Mass in the evening, they missed dinner at the centre so were treated to Domino's pizza! The boys were outstanding in church and received a high-5 from Fr Emmanuel as they left!

Space Oddity Ball

Saturday 21st May

Kingswood Trip (Day 3)

Sunday 22nd May
With the threat of the weather turning the boys enjoyed three activities before lunch including, Jacob's ladder, archery and problem solving. After lunch the whole group donned their wetsuits once again and took the short walk down to the beach. On the beach the boys were taught different ways to build a raft and sail it. With paddles the boys manages to navigate round other group's raft play a variety of balancing games and race back to shore.

French Day

Tuesday 24th May

Pre-Prep Concert

Wednesday 25th May
Well done to all of our young budding musicians who performed at the Pre-Prep Concert. The Pre-Prep 1 and 2 Choir clearly enjoyed singing 'You’ve got a friend in me' from Toy Story and the popular 'Grandma's Rap'. The soloists, many of whom were performing for the very first time, charmed the audience with their playing.

Buddy Lunch

Friday 27th May

A Viking Tale for LP1

Monday 6th June
The Hobgoblin Theatre visited Donhead and LP1 enjoyed their Performance of 'A Viking Tale' - a play about the life of the Vikings which linked in with the boys' history curriculum this term. There was quite a lot of interaction with the boys which they all enjoyed!

'Treasure Island'

Thursday 16th June
Thank you to Mrs Brady, Mrs Clarkson, all the helpers and, of course, the boys of the Elements Year for a most enjoyable production of 'Treasure Island'. The boys acted and sang with vigour and the performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done!

Headmaster for the Day

Monday 20th June

Elements Geography Field Trip

Thursday 23rd June
Elements enjoyed their Geography field trip to the seafront at Brighton. The boys collected data on the beach, adjacent to the pier, to feed into their study of the coast. Elements have been learning about coastal features and the effect and power of the sea and were measuring pebbles to see if there is a link between their size and position on the beach. They also took a trip along the Volks Electric Railway to see what the council have done to make the most of the seafront and protect the beach.

Prep School Trinity Term Concert

Monday 27th June
Many congratulations to the seventy boys who performed so well at last Monday’s Trinity Term Prep School Ensembles Concert, with soloists from the Prep Year and Elements taking part. The diverse programme included a viola duo performing Telemann, a singer accompanying himself on the ukulele and the Orchestra playing Grieg’s 'Morning' from 'Peer Gynt'. It was certainly a wonderful evening and something to remember.

ICT Beebots

Thursday 30th June
PP1F enjoyed learning about control in ICT. They sent commands to carpet Beebots and had great fun completing an obstacle course with them.

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Thursday 30th June
Well done to the Prep Year and their teachers for a wonderful drama production on Thursday evening. The boys’ hard work in rehearsals certainly paid off and the evening was a roaring success. Well done!

Donhead Fun Day

Saturday 2nd July

Elements Day of Reflection

Monday 4th July
Elements visited Aylesford Friary, where we were given a guided tour by Father Kevin, one of the monks. The morning session included Holy Mass, celebrated by Father Michael Ashworth SJ, with the theme of 'Moving On'. At the end of Mass, the boys reflected on their time at Donhead and what qualities they would take with them to their new school. It is usually a very peaceful day and this year was no different! We always try to make it a prayerful and reflective, but also a relaxing, fun day where the boys can be sociable and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Donhead Art & DT Exhibition 2016

Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th July
It has been a great year in Art and we should salute the boys' aptitude for the arts. Their creative energy is boundless and so is their willingness to take risks, thus encapsulating the school motto, Semper Magis! Thank you to Mrs Clark, the Pre-Prep teachers and TAs, and all the staff who worked behind the scenes creating this year's wonderful exhibition.

Pre-Prep Lego Club

Wednesday 6th July
PP1 and PP2 boys have had great fun building Lego at lunchtimes. Well done, boys!

Athletics Reception vs Squirrels

Thursday 7th July

Reception release their Butterflies

Thursday 7th July
The boys in Reception released their butterflies with a mixture of joy and sadness. The boys were very sad to see their new friends leave but realise that it is for the best!

LP2 House Cricket

Thursday 7th July

Pre-Prep Circus Skills Day

Friday 8th July

Pre-Prep Sports Day

Saturday 9th July

Prep School Sports Day

Saturday 9th July

Outings Day: Reception & Elements at Hobbledown

Monday 11th July

Outings Day: PP1 at Chessington

Monday 11th July
PP1 had great fun on their outing to Chessington to celebrate the end of a great year. PP1F walked the Trail Of Kings and saw gorillas, lions and tigers. They saw cute penguins being fed and learned about conservation. They ate a picnic lunch watching the Sea lion show and then rode on the Merry Go Round, Tiny Trucks and Toad Cars. We made it into the Sea Life Centre just before the rain and the boys were thrilled to see jellyfish, rays and sharks; they even touched some starfish. Well done for being such well behaved, boys. 

Outings Day: PP2 at Diggerland

Monday 11th July

Outings Day: LP1 at Beale Park

Monday 11th July

Outings Day: LP2 at Knockhatch

Monday 11th July

Donhead Choir Outing

Tuesday 12th July
This year the Donhead Choir visited Leeds Castle in Kent. The choristers were treated to a Tudor workshop and a guided tour around the castle (where some of them sang in the Yellow Drawing Room). Afterwards they thoroughly enjoyed letting off steam in the adventure play area and saw part of a falconry display.

Day of Celebration

Thursday 14th July