2015 Michaelmas Term - NEWS GALLERY

Buddies' First Lunch Together

Friday 11th September 2015
Reception and Elements Buddies enjoy their first lunch together on the lawn in the sunshine.

Joint Mass with the Ursuline Prep

Tuesday 22nd September

Lego Rugby!

Tuesday 22nd September
A tribute to the Rugby World Cup, by the Prep & Elements boys in Lego Club.

PP1 visit Legoland

Thursday 24 September
PP1 enjoyed their outing to Legoland this week. Highlights included visiting Miniland, driving the electric Lego cars and the Atlantis Submarine Ride. A trip around the park on the Legoland Express was also a favourite for some!

LP2 House Football

Thursday 24th September

Reception F vs Squirrels

Thursday 1st October


Reception M vs Squirrels

Thursday 1st October

PP1 ICT Lessons

Thursday 1st October
PP1 have had fun ICT lessons naming and labelling the main parts of the computer - all part of the topic for this half term, 'Little Computers'.


PP2 using Balance Scales

Friday 2nd October
Using balance scales, this week the boys in PP2 experimented with objects in the classroom to compare their weight. They compared objects which were lighter and heavier. They discussed reasons why some objects shape and size may influence the weight. We brainstormed units of measurement for mass (grams and kilograms) and discussed different types of scales and how to read them.


LP1 visit Butser Ancient Farm

Friday 2nd October
LP1 visited Butser Ancient Farm and were able to compare a reconstructed Celtic roundhouse with a Roman villa, as well as try their hands at archaeology and pottery. They also crushed chalk and used it to make a building material called clunch, which was used to construct a wall. After a tour of the villa, the boys were able to work in pairs to design some mosaics.

Walk Around the Common 085.JPG

PP1 on Wimbledon Common

Friday 2nd October
What a fantastic day we chose for our 'Walk Around Wimbledon Common'! We enjoyed a lovely afternoon's stroll in the golden sunshine towards the Common and stopped to pick conkers, talk about the War Memorial and have a look at the birds in Cannizaro Park. The ice-cream van appeared at the perfect time and we were all able to squeeze in an ice-lolly before making our way back to Donhead.
This was a working trip to the Common - next week we will be plotting our route on a map of the local area, as part of our Geography topic.


Prep at the Natural History Museum

Monday 5th October
Prep enjoyed their visit to the Natural History Museum which enhanced their Geography curriculum. They took part in an an interactive show called ‘Rock the House’ - learning about the powerful interactions that cause volcanoes and earthquakes. They discovered how tectonic plate interactions shape landscapes, generate earthquakes and form volcanoes. The boys then spent time exploring the ‘Red Zone’, looking at how the earth was formed.


Lower Prep Concert for Soloists

Tuesday 6th October
Congratulations to all the performers at the first concert of the school year. There were over twenty solo items at the Lower Prep Concert, with some sparkling performances. The boys played with great enthusiasm and aplomb!


Wimbledon Bookfest 2015

Wednesday 7th October
The boys in Prep Year enjoyed their outing to the Bookfest Big Tent on Wimbledon Common, and an interesting talk by Steve Backshall (of 'Deadly 60' fame.)


LP2 at the Natural History Museum

Wednesday 7th October

PP1 Junk Model Computers

Monday 12th October
PP1 have had fun making junk model computers. In ICT, they have been learning to name the monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse and how a computer works.


PP2 Prayer Service

Tuesday 13th October


Making Guacamole!

Wednesday 14th October
PP2S made some Mexican Guacamole! We brainstormed some adjectives to describe the Mexican Guacamole and tasted it with corn chips and tortillas. We brainstormed reasons why the Mexican people may eat those certain kinds of food (weather, crops and growth etc.). The boys worked nicely to stir and mash the avocado.

Baptism Role Play

Friday 16th October
As part of our RE topic ‘Belonging’, PP1 have been learning about Baptism. They brought in photos of their Baptisms to share and enjoyed a class role play where they ‘Baptised’ a baby doll and made promises to God as parents, godparents and a congregation.

PP2 House Football

Monday 19th October

Prep School Michaelmas Term Ensemble Concert

Monday 19th October
Congratulations to all of the participants in the Prep School Ensemble Concert. The Senior Choir, with its record number of members, the Brass Band and the Orchestra delighted the audience with some well-known items and the Elements and Prep soloists gave some dazzling performances.


Greetings from St Peter's Mbare

Tuesday 20th October
Funds from Donhead provided the furniture for St Peter’s Mbare infant and junior classes and also furniture for the computer room.

The children are saying 'Thank you' and showing their hard work.

Harvest Food Collection for Wimbledon Guild

Tuesday 20th October
A big thank you to everyone who kindly donated food items to the Wimbledon Guild for their Harvest Food Collection. Families were very generous and the food will go a long way to help the local people here in Merton. Wimbledon Guild were delighted with your contributions. Thank you.


LP2 visit Hampton Court Palace

Tuesday 20th October


PP2S Mexican Masks

Wednesday 21st October
This half-term, PP2S have been researching Mexico and the different types of masks the cultures may have worn. We also researched a Mexican family who made masks as their families form of income. The boys designed their masks based on inspiration from Mexican designs. They also sampled different techniques they may use on their mask after it had been painted. Their results were amazing and were showed off during a little class presentation. All the masks were unique and creative! Well done boys!


Hobgoblin Theatre Visit

Tuesday 3rd November
The Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited LP1 to perform a play called 'The Wall'. From this, we learned lots of facts about the life of the Roman soldiers who were stationed on Hadrian’s Wall nearly two thousand years ago. Following on from this, there was a Drama workshop, in which the boys were able to portray scenes based on the information learned during the play. Our thanks go to the Hobgoblins, once again, for an entertaining and informative morning.


Fireworks Night

Thursday 5th November


PP2 House Cross Country

Monday 9th November


Pre-Prep Play In

Wednesday 11th November
Many congratulations to all the performers who played at Wednesday’s Pre-Prep solo instrumental 'Play-In'. It was the very first time most of the boys had performed to an audience and they played extremely well.


PP2 Dinosaur Workshop

Wednesday 18th November
The PP2 boys had the chance to be Palaeontologists for a morning. With their brushes in hand, the boys had the opportunity to investigate and discover fossils from the various dinosaur periods. Whilst searching, they could then research further information about the fossils and ask the helpful leader Chris for further information. PP2 had a great time exploring and worked nicely in their teams.


Memorial Carol Service for Dermot Gogarty

Saturday 21st November
On Saturday evening, the senior members of the Donhead Choir joined forces with the choir of St John’s Beaumont for the Dermot Gogarty Memorial Service at Farm Street Church. The boys not only thoroughly enjoyed singing in such a beautiful church but also enjoyed listening to the other performers, especially the African band.

The Jungle Book

Tuesday 24th November
On Tuesday the Image Musical Theatre Company visited Donhead to perform 'Jungle Book’ for the whole school. The show was preceded by a rehearsal workshop for everyone, during which some boys were chosen to take part in the show, whilst the remainder rehearsed in four chorus groups.

Bauble Workshop

Thursday 26th November
All the boys enjoyed participating in a 'Christmas Bauble' workshop. Everyone designed and painted a ceramic bauble to take home for the Christmas tree.

PP2S Electrical Circuit Experiments

Tuesday 1st December
The boys in PP2S experimented making a simple circuit with crocodile clips, a battery and light bulb. They had to connect the materials together to make a complete circuit. The aim of the task was to light up the bulb. They now understand that for a circuit to work it needs to be complete!

PP1 Shadow Play

Tuesday 1st December
PP1B experimented with shadow puppets in the classroom, while PP1F took advantage of an unusually warm, December afternoon the following week to explore their shadows as part of their Science topic ’Light and Dark’.


Reception Nativity Play

Tuesday 1st December
The Reception boys gave a wonderful performance of 'Angel Express' on Tuesday morning. Thank you to the boys and their teachers for all the hard work and preparation that goes into putting on a successful play.

Pre-Prep Nativity Play

Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd December
Well done to the Pre-Prep boys and their teachers for two fantastic performances of 'Hey Ewe' on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The success of the performances were testament to the hard work and preparation put in by all involved.


Buddy Christmas Lunch

Friday 4th December

PP2 Trip to IMAX

Tuesday 8th December 2015
PP2 enjoyed a lovely trip to IMAX at Waterloo to watch 'Fly Me to the Moon' in 3D. The boys had a wonderful time in their groups and enjoyed learning about the Apollo 11 journey to the moon, those many years ago. They especially enjoyed the complementary 3D glasses they got to take home. All in all, a lovely day out!

LP2 House Cross Country

Thursday 10th December 2015

Festival of Carols

Thursday 10th December 2015
At this year’s ‘Festival of Carols and Christmas Readings’, the Donhead Choir sang beautifully and with such enthusiasm. The boys gave us a varied programme, including the premiere of a carol by Wendy Blanks. The readers spoke clearly and with authority, and the lantern bearers certainly brought a special atmosphere to the occasion.