After School Care

Form teachers bring their classes to the front of the school to meet those collecting them. Please telephone the School Office should there be a delay in collecting a pupil on any occasion. The boy will be informed and sent to homework class to await the arrival of the person collecting him.

A variety of activities take place from 4.00 to 5.00pm and a full list of clubs and activities are published each term. Boys attending clubs are collected at 5.00pm unless otherwise advised. On their Games afternoon, boys should be collected from the ground, unless returning for an after-school activity.

Between 3.45 and 4.00pm those boys playing Games should get changed and those taking part in other activities should wait quietly in their activity area. Pupils should collect a snack from the dining room before the start of their activity. No snacks from home are allowed after school.

After School Club

This term's Booking Form can be downloaded from the 'Parent Forms' webpage

The After School Club at Donhead runs from 4.00 to 5.55pm, Monday to Thursday. The boys are kept occupied with various games and activities, and given a light snack.

Booking Fee
There is no registration fee. The booking fee is £8 per session or part-session attended (4.00–5.00pm and/or 5.00-5.55pm). Your son may arrive at any time after 4.00pm and you may pick up your son at any time, you need not wait until a session is finished, but you will be charged £8 for each session or part-session attended. (For example, if your son attends from 4.45-5.30pm you will be charged £16, as he has attended both sessions.) Parents are billed at the end of the term.

Permanent Place Bookings
Due to the high demand for After School Club, sessions must be reserved in advance for the entire term.
If your child cannot attend a session or there are any other last minute changes to regular arrangements (e.g. early pick-up) please let the School Office know, as soon as you can.

If you wish to book a permanent place, please download the Booking Form and hand it into the School Office at the beginning of the term, so that we can properly prepare for your child’s care. A permanent place will be held for the term until you inform the After School Care Manager, in writing, that it is no longer required. Written notice should be given on or before the first day of the previous half term to the After School Care Manager, otherwise fees for the following half term will be charged.

Emergency Use
A few places will be reserved each day for parents who need to use the After School Club in an emergency. These places must be booked through the School Office by phone or email on the day. You will be billed at the end of term for any sessions used.

The After School Club is run by Mrs Martina McGarry. All enquiries should be directed to the school office at Should you wish to refer to our Child Protection Policy or Complaints Procedures please visit our School Policies webpage.

Homework Class

A separate homework class is held from 4.00 to 5.00pm on Monday to Thursday. This class is for those boys unable to be picked up by their parents at 3.45pm or for those identified by the school as particularly benefiting from a supervised homework session at school.

Parents should register their son for Homework Class via the link in the Parent Portal. This register can be for a single day or for up to 4 weeks at a time. The register will be open for bookings from the week prior to the start of each term.

Should your son be registered and does not attend, you will be contacted by the School Office to ascertain his whereabouts. (It is important that parents keep us informed of their son’s non-attendance to avoid unnecessary telephone calls from the School Office).

Should your son no longer be attending on any day that he was previously registered for, please email as soon as possible, and before Homework Class is due to start. Please emphasise to your son the importance of attending promptly to Homework Class so the register taken at 4.00pm is accurate.

Form Teachers will have access to the register and will remind the children in their class who are registered to attend.