Behaviour Code

Our aim is to create a positive, well-ordered learning environment. Every child at Donhead is valued, and all achievements are recognised. Donhead believes very much in the merit of positive praise and encouragement as the most effective means of ensuring good behaviour. There are reward systems in operation, which include coupons, stars, merit badges, certificates and stickers. Children’s achievements are celebrated in class as well as in assemblies. It is our aim to ensure that the children in our care have a high regard for themselves and others. On the occasions that children behave inappropriately they are spoken to by the form teacher or duty teacher. If poor behaviour is frequently repeated it will be brought to the attention of the Assistant Headteacher (Pre-Prep) for Pre-Prep children and to the Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) for the Prep School children, and appropriate actions will be taken. If the misbehaviour continues, the Headmaster will be informed. Donhead believes in close cooperation between parents and school. If a pupil’s behaviour is a cause for concern, parents will be kept informed at all stages and we will look to work together to ensure improvement.

Code of Behaviour

All pupils are expected to follow the requirements of the Code of Behaviour:

  • Show respect for each other, their teachers, other adults and their environment, at all times
  • Arrive on time for every lesson
  • Show courtesy to one another, staff and visitors
  • Give of their best in all areas of school life
  • Stand when an adult enters the classroom
  • Be punctual and be so organised as to bring the correct equipment for all lessons and activities
  • Line up outside the classroom in a quiet and orderly fashion
  • High standard of dress and a well-groomed appearance; ties done up and shirts tucked in
  • Clean and brushed hair in a short, acceptable haircut
  • Travel to and from school in the correct uniform and wear the correct clothing for games and PE
  • Observe silence before, during and after Assembly and Mass
  • Greet adults as they pass
  • Keep hands out of pockets
  • Hold doors open for others


Donhead does not tolerate bullying of any kind. If we discover that an act of bullying or intimidation has taken place, we act immediately to stop any further occurrences of such behaviour. While it is very difficult to eradicate bullying, we do everything in our power to ensure that all children attend school free from fear.