Each boy joining the school in Reception is given a 'Buddy' from the Elements Year (Year 6). The Elements Buddy acts as the mentor for the Reception Class boy through his first year. Before the start of the Autumn Term each new entrant into the Reception Class receives a letter written by their Buddy from the Elements Year. The letter provides an opportunity for the Buddy to introduce himself and to say that he will meet the new boy on his arrival at Donhead in the September. The Buddy will take his new young friend to his Reception classroom and also interact with him on as many occasions as possible through the year. He will give his Buddy a Christmas present and an Easter Egg at the appropriate times.

A strong bond of friendship can grow up between the two and the Elements boys love this arrangement every bit as much as their Buddy in the Reception Class. The Buddy system at Donhead is one of the joys of the school.