Catering at Donhead

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is available every day in the dining hall from 8.00am until 8.45am, including the first and last day of each term. An additional charge is made for this and full details are sent out before the start of each term.

Visit our 'Breakfast Club' webpage for further details and to view the Breakfast menu.

Break Time & lunch

Visit our 'Lunch Menu' webpage to view this week's menu.

Boys are not allowed to bring snacks to school. The school will supply a drink (milk or water) and snack (biscuit or fruit) at break time.

The Catering Manager, Mrs Olivia Butler, and her team provide excellent and nutritious two-course meals for the pupils at lunchtime and the cost of this is included in the termly fee. Vegetarians are catered for and the school is 'nut-free'. Parents are asked to provide nut-free packed lunches for day trips and visits.

We expect the boys to eat correctly, to display good table manners, and to finish what is on their plate. House points (Coupons) are awarded for good manners and behaviour in the dining hall.

After School Activities

A drink and a snack are provided in the dining room for all boys staying at school for after school activities, but parents are welcome to send a snack in with their sons. The snack must be nut-free and should remain in the boy's bag until the allotted time.


Mrs Butler bakes a cake for all children who celebrate their birthdays on a school day. Please do not allow your children to come in with sweets to share around as this can cause problems with litter and inappropriate food being given out and eaten at the wrong time!

Nut Policy

Nuts are not permitted on the school premises and are not included in any of our menus. Please be aware that we have children with nut allergies and they should not be exposed to any type of nut.

Match Teas

Following home fixtures at the Sports Ground, the boys are provided with a match tea in the Old Wimbledonian Clubhouse. Match teas are prepared by the Clubhouse steward. A voluntary match contribution of £10 each term is automatically billed on the end of term invoice for boys in Years 3 - 6, as they regularly access this provision. Pre-Prep do not use the Clubhouse on a regular basis so are not charged.

Match teas could not run without the additional help of parents who provide extras and assistance.

Visit our 'Match Teas' webpage for more details on parental support at these teas.