Drama at Donhead

Drama is an important part of school life at Donhead and every boy from Reception through to Elements has the opportunity to take part in a drama production each year.

Towards the end of the Michaelmas Term the Pre-Prep teachers and pupils are very busy rehearsing for their Christmas plays. Reception put on a delightful Nativity performance for their families, while PP1 and PP2 usually perform together to entertain everyone with another traditional Christmas story. These productions involve a mixture of drama and music.

Every year group in the Prep School stage a drama performance each year. These are placed at regular intervals through the spring and summer terms.

In addition, an Elements Drama Club is held each Thursday. All members of the Elements year are welcome to attend and a variety of opportunities are given to develop their skills in this area.

Pre-Prep Christmas Plays

Visit our 2016-17 News Gallery webpage to see photos from Reception's fantastic Nativity production "A Miracle in Town" and Pre-Prep's traditional Christmas story, "Star Gazers".

Prep School Performances

LP1 put on their costumes and grease paint in the 2016 Lent term with a wonderful production of "Aladdin!". The following term was a busy one with LP2 working hard in May on their performance of "Henry the Tudor Dude". After half term, Elements gave a swashbuckling performance of "Treasure Island" followed two weeks later by Prep Year's wonderful performance of "Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies!"

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