Learning Support

The Headmaster and staff at Donhead are committed to helping all Donhead pupils explore their abilities and talents as individuals, through which they can make their individual contribution to the whole school community. This may be through the wide range of opportunities provided by the academic subjects taught in class, through music, art and drama, or the splendid sports opportunities available to all the boys at Donhead. In each of these areas, boys are expected to aim for the highest possible level which they can achieve. Not every child will excel in every area, but the achievement of each boy is celebrated – for doing his best and trying his hardest.

We encourage, in all members of our school, a code of positive behaviour which promotes consideration for, and tolerance of, the needs of others.

We believe that every child should feel able to make a valued contribution to school life in order that self-confidence and self-esteem can develop.

The school admits pupils with learning support needs provided that the pupil can be supported within our mainstream setting arrangements. This includes children with statements of special needs. The admission of these children is part of our core purpose of helping those who need our help most.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Department

The SEND Department exists to provide support to ensure all pupils, despite their different needs, achieve their potential. At Donhead we believe that all pupils should achieve their learning potential and recognise that we all learn in different ways. Ms Plech-Blair, our school Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo), works closely with all staff in creating a learning environment that responds to/caters for each pupil as an individual. This is achieved by the provision of Quality First Teaching for different learning styles and students’ different learning needs. The main aim is to ensure that all pupils preserve their self-esteem and confidence while making progress appropriate to their ability so that they achieve their potential despite their difficulties.

Please email the SENDCo (Ms Plech-Blair)  should you have any enquiries about this aspect of our provision.

SEN (Special Educational Needs) Policy

The SEN Policy is inclusive, and sets out the ways in which the school makes provision for:

  • The entitlement of all children to access the curriculum
  • Those pupils who may need additional support during their time at primary school in order to achieve their potential
  • The particular requirements of boys who are very able or talented