Recognising Achievement

Donhead rewards children for meeting and exceeding our expectations in a variety of ways:

All boys can receive:


Coupons (House Points) are awarded for a positive contribution in any area of school life (e.g. good behaviour, good work, kindness and helpfulness.) Coupons are entered in the back of the Homework Diary. The top coupon-scoring House is rewarded with a House Tea each term.
Reception boys do not earn Coupons, but they participate in the House Tea if their House wins.

Headmaster's Commendation Certificate
Boys who have gained 100 coupons or more in one week are awarded a merit sticker. All boys who then earn three merit stickers in the term are awarded a Headmaster's Commendation Certificate.

Day of Celebration (Prize Giving)
Prizes for academic achievement and effort are awarded at the Day of Celebration in July.

Prep School Boys (Years 3 - 6) can receive:


St Ignatius Award
This is awarded to boys who show exceptional commitment to our core values of courtesy, care and consideration for all. This should be viewed as the premier award given by the school.

Semper Magis Certificate
Semper Magis Certificates are awarded for outstanding achievement or effort in studies, service to the school or community, sport or extra-curricular activities. These certificates are awarded at Assembly and, if awarded for work in an exercise book, this also receives a 'Semper Magis' sticker.

Full Colours (U11) in Elements (Year 6) are awarded to all pupils who play for either the 1st XII Rugby Team or the 1st XI Cricket Team. Full Colours takes the form of a school badge which is sewn onto the trousers of the boy's sports uniform.

Donhead Blue
The Donhead Blue is awarded to boys who perform at a consistently outstanding standard for the 1st XII Rugby Team or 1st XI Cricket Team. The Donhead Blue takes the form of a tie which the boys are entitled to wear at school.

Pre-Prep Boys (Reception, Years 1 & 2) can receive:


Daily Line Leaders
Boys are rewarded by being given responsibility for the front or back of the line when the class moves about the school.

Class Dojo Points
Boys who demonstrate individual and team effort, work and behaviour are rewarded with Dojo points. The top two winners each week, from each class, receive a prize on the Friday.

Star of the Week
Certificates for exceptional behaviour or work are awarded at assembly each week.