School Hours

The official start and finish times at Donhead are as follows:

Reception   8.50am - 3.00pm (2.45pm on Fridays)
Pre-Prep 1 Year 1 8.50am - 3.30pm (2.45pm on Fridays)
Pre-Prep 2 Year 2 8.50am - 3.30pm (2.45pm on Fridays)
Lower Prep 1 Year 3 8.50am - 3.45pm (3.00pm on Fridays)
Lower Prep 2 Year 4 8.50am - 3.45pm (3.00pm on Fridays)
Preparatory Year 5 8.50am - 3.45pm (3.00pm on Fridays)
Elements Year 6 8.50am - 3.45pm (3.00pm on Fridays)

Early Arrival

The school is open for boys to arrive from 7.30am.

For arrivals between 7.30am and 8.00am, pupils must sign-in at the front Entrance & Reception Area and will be sent to the Refectory. The children can then request early departure for an activity that starts before 8.00am or to drop off their sports bag in the appropriate place and the return. They will then be supervised until 8.00am in the Refectory. At 8.00am the boys will be sent to class where they will be supervised by a teaching assistant until 8.30am, when the form teacher arrives.

Boys who arrive after 8.00am may go directly to their classroom or before school activity and do not need to sign-in.

Late Arrival

Any boy arriving at school after 8.50am should report to the Entrance & Reception Area where we will record his late attendance in the register. If you are taking children out during the day for an appointment, please notify the school in advance and then sign out your son in the Entrance & Reception Area; signing them back in on your return. This ensures the school keep a fire register up to date at all times.


Reception and Pre-Prep boys should be collected from the classroom at the end of the day, Monday to Thursday at 3.00pm (Reception) and 3.30pm (PP1 & PP2) and on Friday at 2.45pm.

In the Pre-Prep it is possible for your son to stay in the classroom with a teaching assistant if they have an older sibling who is being collected later or they are staying on for a club.  The teacher MUST be notified in advance whenever possible.

The Prep School classes (LP1-Elements) are brought to the front area by the form teachers to meet those collecting them. If you find you are delayed on any occasion, please telephone the School Office. Your son will either be sent to homework class to await your arrival or looked after in the School Office.

All exit from and entrance to the Donhead site is through the main front door, until 5.30pm when the main gate is open for you to enter the site.

Visit our 'PE and Games' webpage for collection arrangments on afternoons when the older boys have Games.

Drop Offs & Pick Ups

Please do not park on the yellow lines outside the school gates. The school operates a ‘Drop & Go’ Zone which is run on a voluntary basis by parents. This enables you to pull up and hand your child over to the care of the parent on duty who will deliver him safely into school. There are also concession notices available from the School Office which allows parents to park free of charge in the metered bays for a maximum of 10 minutes either side of the start and finish times of the school.