Travelling to School

Drop Off Zone

The Drop Off Zone on Edge Hill will operate from 8.15 am to 8.45 am. The Drop Off Zone is situated just below the zig-zag lines on the Donhead side of Edge Hill.

Please note the following rules:

  1. Please approach the Zone by driving UP Edge Hill.
  2. Boys should be ready to leave the car immediately and parents should leave the zone promptly to prevent queues building up and blocking Edge Hill.
  3. Parents should not exit their cars for any reason. Sports bags, etc should be with the child in the car, in preparation for a quick exit.
  4. There have been occasions in the past when there have been altercations between parents dropping off and the volunteers supervising the Zone. Please remember that the parents manning the Drop Off Zone are giving up their time, voluntarily, to run this service. When a request is made of you, the supervisor is simply following the health and safety guidelines that we have laid down. It is necessary, therefore, that you comply with all instructions promptly and without fuss.
  5. Number plates of those parents not adhering to these rules will be logged. Parents must not stop on the zig-zag lines and must not park or wait in the Drop Off Zone. We may have to contact a parent directly should they continually ignore this instruction, thereby threatening the health and safety of other people arriving at the school.
  6. Wimbledon College has been informed of the arrangements and offending number plates will be sent over to the College.

If we all follow the rules, the Drop Off Zone will run smoothly and continue to provide a valuable and convenient service to parents.

Drop Off Zone - Volunteer Rota

The Drop Off Zone is kindly run by Mrs Seymour and any offer of help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mrs Seymour through the School Office.

We are very grateful to all our parents who give up their time to run this invaluable service.

Car Parking

Ten minute waiting permits are available for parents of boys at Donhead, which can be collected from the School Office, kept in your car and displayed on the dashboard when in use.

Please always be considerate of our neighbours by not parking across driveways or using private car parks.  The Sacred Heart Church very kindly allow parents to use their car park for drop-off and pick-up.

Bus Service

Arrangements for the proposed bus service are proceeding well. On Monday 16th January, the school will email all those families who have expressed an interest, to check that the proposed timings and locations suit them and to confirm their place. For those parents who have not contacted the Headmaster's Office, but are now interested in using this service, please email as soon as possible. We hope to be up and running in a couple of weeks. Cost will depend entirely on numbers.