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Long live these donhead days

The Pre-Prep at Donhead consists of three year groups; Reception, PP1 and PP2. Each class has a Form Teacher and a full time Teaching Assistant. Lessons are varied and are mostly taught by the Form Teacher. Pre-Prep have specialist subject teachers for Music and their sports.

The classes remain the same whilst the boys are in Pre-Prep, encouraging firm friendships and relationships to develop. Each class contains boys of different abilities and the boys learn as part of mixed ability groups to encourage a range of key skills for this age group. Work is differentiated for the different abilities within each class. Lessons in Pre-Prep tend to be more practical and we make good use of the outdoor space available to us at Donhead.

There are a wide range of curriculum opportunities within Pre-Prep and all boys have chances to develop their talents and confidence. The foundations of Jesuit Education are firmly established and the boys leave Pre-Prep understanding and showing examples of the Jesuit Pupil Profile.