At Donhead, we understand the important role that English plays in all subject areas. Consequently, our staff teach with passion and enthusiasm that excites, engages and enthuses boys with a love for the English language and its rich literature. To achieve this end, our boys are exposed to many different types of text and writers during their time with us – fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. Together with fostering a lifelong love of reading amongst the boys, our teachers seek to enable them to become confident and articulate communicators – be that in their writing or through their speaking and listening. 

Recommended Reading Lists (LP1-Elements)

The following links to a variety of excellent, regularly updated, online reading lists and book recommendations for primary school children. We recommend you use them when choosing books with your son. We use the lists when choosing books for our library.

The lists consist of a range of titles suitable for all abilities within each age group – from reluctant readers to the most able. If your child is a competent reader or has read many of the titles from the lists, then we suggest you try the books from the next age group up.

The School Reading List

Regularly updated lists of suggested reading books for children in KS2. Click on the Year group tab that applies to your son. Includes mystery books, adventure stories, myths & legends, biographies, graphic novels, funny and fantasy reading – a genre for every taste. Books can be purchased via Amazonbooks.


LoveReading4Schools parent registerList created from recommended reading lists from a range of primary schools into one list with over 2,500 books. Edited by Julia Eccleshare (children's editor at The Guardian) into separate lists for each school year. Books can be purchased from this website. Parents are required to register with the website to use.

Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE)

The Core Booklist has been published by CLPE since 1996. It is a selection of carefully chosen texts for teachers to use when they are developing collections for their classrooms and schools as part of their reading and literacy programmes. This booklist draws on the book knowledge and reading expertise of CLPE staff working in close consultation with teachers. It contains books which have been tried, tested and found to work successfully in classrooms, providing children with memorable and positive reading experiences.

Spelling Lists (LP1-Elements)

LP1 and LP2

Prep and Elements

Universal Slideshow