Preparation for 11+

At Donhead we believe, and deliver, the Jesuit call for excellence in all that we do. This obviously includes, but not exclusively, 11+ preparation. Our curriculum is designed to ensure every boy can fulfil his potential, and achieve the desired academic result for his chosen destination school. As a non-selective school, our list of future destinations is extensive, and we focus on finding the right match between your son and the school.

Preparation is important, and we have a curriculum designed to meet the demands of every school on our list. The Deputy Head has responsibility for delivering 11+ preparation through Years 4 and 5, which ensures every boy has received 18 months of content, technique and advice towards this examination.

Our top tips are:

1)      Make sure the chosen school is right for your child

2)      Core English and Maths skills are key

3)      Vocabulary is built through a variety of genres when reading

4)      Solid times tables are the foundation of good maths skills

5)      Don’t move too fast – very little benefit in practising GCSE questions for the 11+ - CONSOLIDATE

6)      Learn the material before being tested

7)      Alleviate stress and pressure by working in bitesize chunks

8)      Regular perfect practice is preferable to intense tutoring

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