Section 1- Admission Details

Section 2- Details of child

Please also state your son's level of spoken and written English, if English is not his first language:​

Section 3- Details of parents

Please put Mr, Mrs, Mr & Mrs etc, as appropriate and full first names​

Section 4- Applicant's Present Nursery or School

Section 5- Background Information

Section 6- Declarations

HSBC A/C No: 91254774, Sort Code: 40-05-20, Reference: Fee + Child's full name) ​

Section 7- Equal Opportunities Monitoring

As part of the monitoring process for equal opportunities, we collect ethnic origin data. This data is used for annual Census completion and does not identify individual children. When the completed forms arrive at school this information is separated from any other material that might identify the individual child. Under no circumstances would be link our ethnic monitoring data with our pupil records.

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