How big are the class sizes?

Our maximum class size is 22. In Pre- Prep we have a teacher and a TA present at all times in the room, and in the Prep School this becomes a teacher and a TA 50% between each class.

Will my child have to sit an entrance exam?

Our entrance criteria is academically non-selective and as such, does not use a formal entry test. Places for Reception are offered following a meeting with the Headteacher and on receipt of a satisfactory Nursery report. It is our overriding priority that we offer places to children who will thrive at Donhead and who are well-placed to play an active and positive part in the life of this community. Places in other years are offered after a taster morning which involves some simple screening assessments, again supported by a satisfactory report from the current educational establishment.

Do you cater for all abilities?

Donhead can cater for a wide range of abilities and can provide limited support for children with SEND or EAL needs. However, parents should recognise that the school day and the demands placed on each child are notable. It is important for a child’s sense of confidence and achievement that he can contribute fully to the life of the school. The School together with parents makes every effort to ensure that this environment is right for each child.

How religious is Donhead?

Donhead is a Roman Catholic Jesuit school. The School positively welcome children of all religious beliefs but it is important that parents who choose Donhead do so in the knowledge that their child will be educated in a Roman Catholic environment and their attendance at morning assembly and other religious services that occur throughout the year is compulsory. The children are introduced to all major religions as part of our Religious Education, PHSEE and morning assembly programme. In short, we practice Catholicism, and teach Religion.

Do you provide before and after school care?

Please visit our Wrap Around Care page for further details of this provision. The School is open for children from 7.30am – 6. 00pm Monday to Thursday, and from 7.30am - 3.00pm on Friday.

Wraparound Care

Does the School offer a variety of extra-curricular activities?

The school runs a very large number of extra-curricular activities. For some children, their personal strength may often lie outside of the academic curriculum and it is important that these are recognised to the greatest extent possible within the structure of the school.

Are you a sporty school?

Sport is an integral part of life at Donhead but not to the detriment of other important aspects including music, art and drama.

From Nursery, children will take part in PE & Games lessons each week. Children enjoy a wide range of sporting opportunities including netball, hockey, rugby, cricket, football, swimming, athletics, and gymnastics. All children will represent the school in a sports team throughout their time at Donhead.

Are Music, Art and Drama important aspects of school life?

Music, Art and Drama are very strong at Donhead, both in the number of children who pursue these subjects and the standard that they achieve in each. More importantly though is the importance that is attached to each of these disciplines. Children who excel or enjoy these subjects are recognised equally throughout the school and their achievements valued highly. Every child participates in each of these disciplines as part of their routine, and those wishing to excel can further their experience through clubs or private tuition with our peripatetic staff.