The Pre-Prep consists of three year groups; Reception, PP1 and PP2. Each class has a Form Teacher and a full time Teaching Assistant. Lessons are varied and are mostly taught by the Form Teacher. Pre-Prep have specialist subject teachers for Music and their sports.

The classes remain the same whilst the children are in Pre-Prep, encouraging firm friendships and relationships to develop. Each class contains children of different abilities and the children learn as part of mixed ability groups to encourage a range of key skills for this age group. Work is differentiated for the different abilities within each class. Lessons in Pre-Prep tend to be more practical and we make good use of the outdoor space available to us at Donhead.

There are a wide range of curriculum opportunities within Pre-Prep and all children have chances to develop their talents and confidence. The foundations of Jesuit Education are firmly established and the children leave Pre-Prep understanding and showing examples of the Jesuit Pupil Profile.

Pre-Prep children arrive at school from 8am and go to their classrooms. Breakfast Club is available in the Refectory, if they choose. The school day begins at 8.30am with Registration with their Form Teacher and every Monday morning the whole school comes together for Assembly. We begin our week with prayers and hymns, and we are reminded of our Jesuit faith and the importance of the characteristics of our shared Jesuit education. Every Friday afternoon we come together as a Pre-Prep to award certificates for weekly achievements and to share and celebrate our talents and successes.

There are three morning lessons in the Pre-Prep and we stop mid-morning for a healthy snack break and playtime. Lunchtime is from 11.45 until 12.30 and the children are taken to the Refectory by their Teaching Assistant to choose from a varied and healthy menu. The afternoon consists of two lessons, a playtime and Form Teacher time at the end of the day. We celebrate a daily Examen and reflect upon our experiences as a whole class. Reception children end their day at 3:00pm and PP1 and PP2 finish at 3.15pm. Donhead offers a wide-ranging array of clubs which run at various times from 3.15 to 5pm and there is an After School Club from 4pm until 6 pm.

Each year group in Pre-Prep prepares a Nativity Production which is presented to parents at the end of the Michaelmas Term. PP1 and PP2 children prepare a termly Prayer Service which is presented in the Auditorium to their families. They also take part in a music concert each term and children who have been learning an instrument have an opportunity to play in front of an audience. We go on trips to interesting and enjoyable places each term, and visiting authors and workshops come to Donhead to enhance the curriculum and our learning.

The Pre-Prep children have a varied timetable and they all learn Spanish and Music. The children at Donhead enjoy their sports and Reception children have two PE lessons a week and PP1 and PP2 children have a PE and Games lesson each week. Fixtures are arranged throughout the year with other local Pre-Prep schools. We make good use of the ICT suite for weekly lessons and the chapel for prayers.

A typical day in Pre-Prep will look like this:



8.30 – 8.45

Form Teacher time

8.45 - 9.10

Movement for Learning

9.10 – 9.55

Music lesson

9.55 – 10.40

English lesson

10.40 – 11.00

Playtime and snack

11.00 – 11.45

Maths lesson

11.45 – 12.30

Lunch Time

12.30 – 1.30

Science lesson

1.30 – 2


2 – 3

Art lesson

3 – 3.15

Form Teacher time and Examen


Home or Club (2:45pm on Friday for Reception & PP1, 3:00pm for PP2)