All pupils are expected to attend classes throughout the school year on all the days that the school is in session.

Pupils will also from time to time or on a regular basis be required to attend after-school and weekend activities, and sporting fixtures and training sessions. Parents must understand that there is a regular and recurrent commitment beyond the school day for many pupils which is an essential part of the education of individuals and the building up of the school as a community. Sometimes these commitments will conflict with family and other demands and, in such situations, parents are asked to ensure that requests to be absent from school activities are not lightly made.

Please remember that, apart from illness, absence from school should only happen in exceptional circumstances. Annual returns are made to the DFEE in which we have to record the number of unauthorised absences during the school year. Therefore, it is very important that the following procedures are adhered to:

If your child is ill and absent from school please telephone the School Office before 10.00am to inform us of his absence or email Absences. A telephone call from the office will be made if no explanation for absence is received by 10.00am. On their return to school please supply them with a short note, explaining the reason for absence, addressed to their form teacher.

If you wish to request absence from school for family reasons, holidays, etc, please email the Headteacher's Office. Please remember that every effort should be made not to disrupt your child's term-time attendance and that such requests be made only in exceptional circumstances. Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation in this matter.