The fees are determined annually by the Governors at their March meeting. The Governors reserve the right, however, to respond to need by changing the fees at any time.

Registration and Enrolment Fees

  • The £100 Registration Fee covers all the normal costs of the admissions process and is non-refundable.
  • A deposit of £1000 is required to secure a place once an offer has been made.
  • £500 of this is an Enrolment Fee allocated to the Donhead Bursary and Charitable Purposes Fund, which provides for charitable help pursuant to the aims and ethos of Donhead. The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.
  • The other £500 of this deposit will be deducted from the child’s final term’s fees.

Fees for the Academic Year 2024-2025

Fees for preschool

Five Mornings: 8:30am-11:30am. This includes a snack, no lunch - £2800

If you wish your child to stay for lunch – 11:30 – 12:30 - this is £150 per term per day of the week, e.g. If your child stays for lunch every Monday this will add £150 to your termly bill.

Each afternoon: 11:30am- 3pm (2:45pm on Fridays). This includes a snack and lunch - £365

Mornings and Afternoons: This includes a snack and lunch) - £4625

Pre Prep and Prep School

£4795 per term (£14385 p.a.) for Reception

£4995 per term (£14985 p.a.) for Years 1 to 6 (Pre-Prep 1 to Elements)

These fees include all tuition, lunch, break-time drinks and snacks.

Fees are payable strictly in advance.

From September 2024, for families with more than one child at the school, we will be applying a 5% discount for second and further siblings.

All new entrants to the school pay a one-off £20 fee for books supplied by the school.

The school operates a direct debit system for payment of fees. Full details are sent to new parents before the start of the school year.

Music tuition

Individual instrumental and singing lessons are available and are separately charged. Peripatetic instrumental teaching fees are £240 per term for ten 30 minute sessions.

Parents are invoiced by the music tutor at the beginning of term and fees are payable directly to them within two weeks.

Outings & Visits

Payments for excursions and visiting performers are charged individually at the end of each term by invoice.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Please visit the Extra Curricular section of our website for details of the costs, where applicable, of individual clubs and activities, Breakfast Club and After School Care.

Notice of Withdrawal

We require one full term’s notice, in writing addressed to the Headteacher, of the intended withdrawal of a pupil from the school. If such notice is not given, a term's fees in lieu of notice will become due immediately. No exceptions can be made to this rule.


The Governors operate a Bursary Fund for those families where the continued payment of the school fees at Donhead becomes a major difficulty. When this happens, the Governors are willing to consider sympathetically applications for the postponement of fees. This can be for either compassionate reasons or for reasons of financial hardship. All Bursary applications are means-tested. At the moment, Bursaries are not awarded for new entrants, although this provision is constantly under review.