Entry to Donhead

Donhead is a Roman Catholic boys’ day school and accepts boys from 4 to 11 years of age. Priority is given to boys who are baptised Roman Catholic, although boys of other faiths are warmly welcomed if it is evident that they would benefit from a Christian education and contribute positively to the ethos of the school.

The usual point of entry is into Reception (aged 4 years) although boys may be admitted into other year groups if a space is available.

Upon first enquiry, parents are warmly invited to tour the school with the Headmaster. This aims to provide visitors with an authentic flavour of a normal day at Donhead.

The next step is registration and on receipt of a completed form together with a non-refundable registration fee of £50 the boy’s name is added to our lists for possible entry.

Following this, prospective pupils for Pre-Prep, Reception to Year 2, are invited for a taster morning/day which may include an informal assessment by the respective class teacher. This assessment is designed to place each boy at ease and allow us to observe him in as natural an environment as possible. We are eager to see how each boy learns, meets new challenges and interacts socially with boys of his own age.

Prospective pupils for Years 3-5 will be invited to spend the day with their peer group and undertake an in-class Maths and English assessment, again allowing us the opportunity to see how they interact with their peers and respond to new challenges and opportunities.

The School would, in almost all cases, expect to inform parents of our decision within 2 days of their assessment day.

Other factors that will be taken into consideration are:

Category 1: Boys with a sibling or other relative at Donhead (past or present)

Category 2: Baptised and Practising Catholic boys who attend the Ursuline Prep School Wimbledon

Category 3: Baptised and Practising Catholic boys

Category 4: Baptised Catholic boys

Category 5: Other applicants who accept the Catholic ethos of the School.

Once a formal offer of a place has been made, parents are required to confirm acceptance by completing an acceptance form and forwarding a deposit of £1000.

£500 of this is an Enrolment Fee allocated to the Donhead Bursary and Charitable Purposes Fund, which provides for charitable help pursuant to the aims and ethos of Donhead. The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.

The other £500 of this deposit will be deducted from the boy’s final term’s fees.

If a boy requires any learning support needs, the School must be made aware prior to assessment to ensure the boy’s needs can be met within its planned resources.

Under its constitution, the School has a duty to preserve and maintain its Roman Catholic character and mission. It is a condition that all boys and parents respect and support the Roman Catholic nature of the school and its rights and rituals. Pupils must attend all religious education classes, religious services, assemblies and other occasions of worship.