The main point of entry is Reception Class (aged 4) and places are offered 18 months prior to joining, therefore we recommend registering at least 24 months prior to your child's start date.

Entry for Year 1 to Year 5 Entry - pupils will join us for Taster visit to spend time with their peer group and includes an informal assessment by a class teacher. This assessment is designed to place each child at ease and allow us to observe them in as natural environment as possible.

If a pupil has any learning support needs, we must be made aware prior to assessment to ensure the child's needs can be met within the planned resources.

A copy of your child's latest school report and any information regarding additional support or professional reports will need to be shared with us.

The School would, in almost all cases, expect to inform parents of our decision within 2 days of their assessment day and the next steps.

Pupils are also admitted into other year groups throughout the year, if a space is available.

Other factors that will be taken into consideration are:

Category 1: Children with a sibling or other relative at Donhead (past or present)

Category 2: Baptised and Practising Catholic children who attend the Ursuline Prep School Nursery

Category 3: Baptised and Practising Catholic children

Category 4: Baptised Catholic children

Category 5: Other applicants who accept the Catholic ethos of the School.

Once a formal offer of a place has been made, parents are required to confirm acceptance by completing an acceptance form and forwarding a deposit of £1000.

Under its constitution, the School has a duty to preserve and maintain its Roman Catholic character and mission. It is a condition that all children and parents respect and support the Roman Catholic nature of the school and its rights and rituals. Pupils must attend all religious education classes, religious services, assemblies and other occasions of worship.