A day in the life of Prep

Once boys move to the Prep School, the school day changes slightly, in terms of length and organisation, to reflect the curriculum and the new opportunities available to the pupils.

The school is open for boys to arrive from 7.30am and from this time until 8am boys will be supervised in the Refectory. At 8am boys will depart the Rectory to attend clubs or to go to class. Breakfast is available for boys to eat from 7.45am.

Registration is at 8.50am. There is a whole school assembly on Monday morning and a Prep School assembly on Wednesday morning. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Form Period takes place prior to lesson 1.

Lesson 1 and lesson 2 are both an hour long and run until 11.10am when boys have break time. Lesson 3 begins at 11.30am and finishes at 12.30pm in time for lunch.

During the lunch hour, boys take part in a variety of clubs and activities. Afternoon registration takes place at 1.30pm.

The remainder of the afternoon includes lesson 4 and lesson 5, both hour long classes. On Friday, however, there is a shortened day with only one lesson taught after lunch.

The afternoon Form Period includes time to complete Examen; a time for prayer and reflection at the end of each day. Boys are dismissed from school at 3.45pm by their form teacher. On Fridays, school ends earlier at 3pm.

After school provision is varied and boys can remain at school to attend an extracurricular activity, Homework Class or our After School Club.


Prep School Timetable

7.30 am

Early Drop

8.00 am

Boys to class / activities

8.30 am

8.50 am

Boys in form class

Morning registration

9 am

Assembly (Monday and Wednesday)

Form period (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

11.10 am

Morning Break

Lesson 4

12.30 pm


1.30 pm

Afternoon registration

Lesson 4

Lesson 5 (except Friday)


Form period / Examen (2.30 pm Friday)

3.45 pm

End of the Day (3 pm on Friday)

4pm (Mon-Thur)

Homework class / after school club

Extra-curricular activities