In line with the Jesuit Pupil Profile, we believe physical activity can be used to support our student’s growth into well-rounded young men and women. How? By being attentive to the differing needs of others.

At Donhead we believe establishing physical literacy in our youngest learners sets the foundations for sporting performance in our Prep School. The Prep PE curriculum therefore focuses on progressing students’ skill and movement development centred around Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, and Speed (ABC’s), using a range of sports and activities to challenge students. We also look to give students greater depth of knowledge within sports, focusing on rules, behaviours, and game understanding, preparing children for life outside of Donhead. In the Prep school, students begin to understand rules and tactics of sports, and developing their all-round performance. We do this through a variety of games and activities, some from diverse cultures, for example, Kabbadi, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball & Tapu’ae.

All through their time at Donhead, students remain in classes for PE, and interact with all ability levels to facilitate their collaborative learning and teamwork skills. PE is an environment where we can stretch and challenge all students, whether that be in their skill or social development. Through improving students’ confidence to work together, they will be able to engage with the curriculum and progress from year 3 to 6.