Uniform Shop

The official supplier of uniform items for the school is Village Sports, 209 Worple Road, Raynes Park, London SW20 8QY (Telephone: 020 8946 4591)

The shop supplies all Donhead uniform items and sports clothing and is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm (Monday to Saturday). Uniform orders can also be placed online at

Baselayer Garments (Optional)

If your son chooses to wear a baselayer product during games/matches or training sessions, we ask they wear the school-branded PlayerLayer ones. To order simply go to Playlayer.

There is an extensive size guide and a FAQ section on the website to make sure you get the right size. Your baselayers will be delivered to your home address. PlayerLayer will operate a 5-day stock service lead time through the winter months but we would encourage you to order before July 31st to ensure delivery for back to school in September.

School Uniform Rules

As a school we take pride in the appearance of our pupils and all pupils are expected to follow the rules on school uniform. The co-operation of our families is requested to ensure that our high standards in this area are maintained.

  1. Trousers should be charcoal grey and of wool/polyester fabric, not cotton or other fabrics.
  2. The blazer and tie must be regulation Donhead uniform. Elements have a distinctive top year tie and braided blazer.
  3. Shoes should be plain black leather that can be polished.
  4. Pullovers must be Donhead sweaters. (Pullovers are not compulsory).
  5. Socks should be plain dark grey. Official school socks must be worn with short trousers.
  6. Shirts must be white (short sleeves in Summer Term are optional).
  7. Top buttons to shirts must be fastened when worn with a tie.
  8. Only a plain white vest may be worn under the shirt.
  9. Any coat worn to school must be dark or navy blue. Coloured anoraks are not allowed.
  10. Boys must only wear regulation sportswear.
  11. In summer, when the Headteacher gives permission, shirtsleeve order may be adopted; this is an open-neck shirt (without tie) and shirtsleeves rolled above the elbows; no blazer or pullover should be worn.
  12. Hair should not be coloured or cut in any extremes of style including 'wedge cuts' or close crops. Gel is not to be used.
  13. No jewellery is allowed except for a watch and a religious medal or cross and chain, which should not be visible.