Physical Education is an integral part of the daily timetable, and students have a minimum of 3 timetabled lessons a week in which they are physically active, as well as our extensive co-curricular programme.

The Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 2 is an extremely important time in a child's development. The Physical Education Curriculum we provide at Donhead aims to compliment and contribute to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth of the children. Through a broad range of activities, we aim for pupils to acquire a firm foundation of fundamental movement capabilities, to have the confidence to begin to nurture an enjoyment and love of physical activity and sport.

The search for good quality physical education for our youngest school children leads to consideration of physical literacy, developmental movement and movement play with the emphasis on enjoyment, participation and building self-esteem. For children in their early years to receive good quality physical education, there is a need to develop a new model which is inclusive, holistic, and aligned with early-years pedagogy.