Pre-Prep (Years 1 & 2)

Curriculum Policy

Parents may visit our 'School Policies' webpage to download a copy of the Pre-Prep Curriculum Policy.


The curriculum policy in Pre-Prep aims to build on a child’s achievements in the Early learning Goals. At Donhead, we follow the guidelines of the National Curriculum to inform planning. The curriculum is broad and balanced. We aim to stretch and challenge the minds of our young pupils and sometimes it is necessary to include objectives in Literacy and Mathematics from the year above.

Parents are issued with details of the Curriculum to be covered in their son’s year group shortly after the beginning of each term. (These Curriculum outlines may be downloaded from the box on the left.)

Children in Pre-Prep study the following subjects at Donhead: English, Mathematics, RE, Science, ICT, Geography, History, Art, DT, PSHE, Music, PE, Games and Spanish.

Balance & Implementation of the Curriculum

In Pre-Prep each teacher has a topic overview for their year group. Each class teacher is responsible for writing and following weekly plans in Literacy and Mathematics and medium term plans in all other subjects that they teach.

PP1 & PP2 Literacy Math's RE &
Science Topic
Art & DT PE &
Music Spanish ICT
No. of lessons
per week (22)
7 5 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1

Classroom Environment

Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and a range of resources to benefit and broaden the minds of young learners. Every class in Pre-Prep has a Teaching Assistant present to support and assist the pupils. Children in Pre-Prep are encouraged to be independent and responsible for looking after their own and others belongings.


Homework in Pre-Prep focuses on the basic skills in Literacy and Mathematics. Weekly spellings and reading are included in this. At Donhead we believe in the importance and value of parental involvement in a child’s learning. Children are set varied and challenging homework tasks three times a week and it is advised that they spend up to 30 minutes on the set task. Children are encouraged to read daily at home for 20 minutes each night.

Year 1 (PP1) Learn spellings & spelling based task Mathletics & mathematics task Topic/ science /RE task
Year 2 (PP2) Literacy based task Mathematics task Topic task and learn spellings

Trips and Visits

Once a term each class in Pre-Prep will make a trip to enhance their learning. Trips are considered to be a valuable and important way to extend the learning in the classroom. Trips are planned to enrich the curriculum and links are made with topics that are taught so that they are relevant to the children’s learning.


Assessment in the Pre-Prep is ongoing and used to underpin planning and promote pupil progress. At the end of Pre-Prep, each pupil is given a Pre-Prep Profile which shows pieces of work and assessment from each term in PP1 and PP2. The work is accumulative and is presented in this way so that parents have a keep sake of the progress and achievements that their son makes across these two important years. Creative writing is levelled using National Curriculum assessment level descriptors, reading is levelled using the PM Benchmark kit and Maths is assessed every two weeks at the end of a unit in a summative test. These test scores translate to a level. All levels are fully explained in the Pre-Prep Profile so that parents are fully aware of national averages and they can understand how their son compares. Also, at the end of PP1 and PP2 boys sit the NfER test in English and Maths, which gives a standardised score of achievement and helps to prepare pupils for more formal testing in the Prep school.

Teacher Feedback

Teachers meet with parents early in the Autumn Term to ensure that the pupils have settled well into the new year group. At the end of the Autumn Term each parent is given a written report which summarizes how each pupil has performed in every subject. In the Spring Term, another parents evening is held to report on progress of the year so far. Finally at the end of the Summer Term a written report is again given to the parents to detail performance and effort in each subject. If at any time in the year parents wish to speak to the teacher about any issue, they should request a meeting and this will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.